Bosley’s Ode to Dog Day Afternoon

Hi, my name is Bosley, and I’m here to say,
that all Columbia dogs should go to Dog Day!

There’ll be contests to name the best tail-wagger,
howler, biscuit-eater, and best dressed to swagger.

Open-play areas where we can meet new friends,
and doggy shops where we can see new trends.

The new doggy dash will make me want to bark,
about the pretty scenery around the park.

Our families can check out local non-profits and vets,
rescues, daycares and more vendors for pets.

There’s also a bunch of stuff for kids,
like arts and crafts, and face paintin’.

Lots of chances to win gifts, treats and toys,
that’ll bring both owners and dogs lots of joy.

And remember to bring food and toys for doggies in need,
to be given to Animal Advocates of Howard County.

Plus demos about obedience and puppy training,
and this year it’ll move to Sunday in case it’s raining.

An afternoon of treats, fun and play,
we promise we’ll be good, ‘cuz we’ll want to STAY!


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