CA Moving Forward to Redevelop the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse

In case you haven’t already heard, the Columbia Association (CA) has been working hard to create plans to redevelop the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse. Last year, the CA Board of Directors approved up to $6 million to either renovate or replace the clubhouse, hiring the H. Chambers Company as the architectural/engineering firm to develop and design plans for the clubhouse. The Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club is important to the community and CA considers investing in our amenities a high priority so that the community continues to be attractive and welcoming to homeowners and businesses in the area.

Because this is a large-scale project for CA that impacts the community, CA has been mindful of including local golfers and community members in the redevelopment process. Early in the process, CA developed the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse Redevelopment Work Team (comprised of CA staff, Chambers staff, members of CA’s Golf and Greens Advisory Committees and members of the community) to provide feedback on the proposed changes.

In addition to the work team, the H. Champers Company also hosted three community meetings earlier this year to involve community members in the process. One meeting targeted local golfers, another included residents from the Harper’s Choice community and the final meeting targeted the larger Columbia community. The meetings focused on Chambers presenting designs and conceptual options to redevelop the clubhouse. As part of the meeting, Chambers also welcomed comments and feedback from the community both verbally and through an exit survey.

Now that the community meetings have been conducted and Chambers has received feedback from local community members and golfers, they will use the information gathered to design three options for redevelopment. Following the direction of the CA Board, Chambers will create one design option for a completely new building, one for a renovation of the current building and one “architects choice” option. H. Chambers Company will present the three options to the CA Board for their approval this spring.

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— Written by Aria White


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