Who Will You Vote for in This Year’s Columbia Elections?

The 2012 presidential election might be months away, but here in Columbia the elections are almost here. Wondering why you should care about the village elections? Well, here’s why: each of the ten villages in Columbia has a village board that regulates the village’s covenants, organizes activities for residents and determines the architectural guidelines for the village neighborhoods. In addition, each village also elects one Columbia Council representative to serve as a member of the Columbia Association (CA) Board of Directors.

Elections will be held on Saturday, April 21 in each village. Election times and locations vary; check out a complete schedule on page 2.

Columbia Villages
The village community associations around Columbia each play an important role in the community. The village boards direct the business affairs of the village community association, so if there’s something you’d like to see more of in your village, or an issue that you want solved, be sure to vote or run for a position on the board yourself!

This year, there are open seats in each of the ten villages. And if you’re worried that you don’t know enough about the candidates, there will be forums held at the village centers to educate residents about the candidates.

Columbia Council, a.k.a. CA Board of Directors
Elections are also being held for the Columbia Council (CA Board), which is made up of one representative from each village. The Board reviews policies and budget matters, develops strategic initiatives for the association, addresses community issues and appoints the CA president. Since the CA Board is the governing body of CA, it’s essential that residents have a say in who sits on the board.

The villages of Harper’s Choice, Hickory Ridge, Oakland Mills, Owen Brown, Town Center and Wilde Lake have a Columbia Council seat open this year.

So remember, you still have some time to decide who you’re voting for in the presidential election, but the Columbia elections are happening next month so get ready to cast your vote! And if you’re interested in running for a position, head over to your village community center and fill out a petition packet to get your name on the ballot.

Deadlines to run can be found in the CA Monthly.


— Written by Aria White


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