Candidates Sought for CA and Village Board Positions

Each April, residents living on Columbia Association (CA)-assessed property elect residents of their village to represent them on the CA Board of Directors and/or the their village community association board. This year the following villages will have open seats on the CA Board: Harper’s Choice, Hickory Ridge, Oakland Mills, Owen Brown, Town Center and Wilde Lake. Each village has open seats available on its respective board. On Election Day, Saturday, April 21, each village will host individual elections. Election day times and locations, and number of seats available, are listed at

Nomination period deadlines for candidates are quickly approaching. Below are the deadlines for nominations at each village.

Villages Nomination Deadline
Wilde Lake March 7
Oakland Mills, Town Center March 9
Harper’s Choice March 14
Hickory Ridge March 17
Dorsey’s Search, Kings Contrivance, Long Reach, Owen Brown, River Hill March 21

The CA Board of Directors serves as the final authority on all matters regarding the Columbia Association by reviewing CA policy and budget matters, developing strategic initiatives, addressing community issues and hiring the CA President. The Board is made up of one representative from each of the nine Columbia villages and Town Center. More information about CA is available at

The village community association boards direct the business affairs of the village community associations, review policy and budget matters, develop initiatives, address community issues and hire the village manager. Find more information about each village by visiting its respective web site.

To learn more about board leadership opportunities, as well as various other volunteering opportunities in the community, please visit


For media inquiries, contact:

Kelly Cooper

10221 Wincopin Circle, Columbia, Maryland 21044


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