Who Will be the Biggest Winner of 2012?

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions that people make on December 31st is to lose weight. Well, the Columbia Association (CA) can help people meet and maintain their weight lose goals, and the Biggest Winner Contest is just the program that can do it! The Biggest Winner Contest is back and it’s bigger than ever. Biggest Winner is an eight-week weight loss and fitness contest that is being offered at all three of CA’s fitness facilities. Participants will compete against other teams to achieve personal and team goals. This year’s contest kicks off on Saturday, January 14, at the Columbia Gym from 12-2 p.m.

In last year’s contest, participants lost a total of 440 pounds in eight weeks. There were 56 participants and 14 personal trainers who did the program. The new goal for 2012 is to lose more than 1,000 total pounds in the same eight-week period, and there are already more trainers on board to help. Participants, who can be either a CA member or non-member, will compete in teams of four. Each team will receive two, one-hour sessions per week with a CA personal trainer. “The trainers’ role in the Biggest Winner Contest is very important, and they play a huge role in their team’s success,” say CA Personal Trainer, Darryl Gough. “The trainer is a good guide and is there to inspire their team. The trainer gives the team the juice they need to get going with the fitness program. Trainers love to keep people motivated!”

Participants will also have access to a two-month Package Plan Plus membership or a two-month upgrade to a Package Plan Plus membership and a number of prizes, discounts and health seminars throughout the contest. The ultimate prize of being named the “Biggest Winner” will be awarded to both the individual and the team with the best percentage of weight loss.

Former Biggest Winner champion, Monica Herber, really benefited from the program, which she completed in 2008. As of today, Monica has still kept off her weight and is maintaining her healthy lifestyle. “Biggest Winner is a fabulous program. I really enjoyed it because I got to meet with a trainer and my team twice a week. It helped me to be more accountable for my eating habits because you got points for keeping a diary of your food. It created structure and incentive for exercising regularly. I also liked the variety of workouts that my trainer put together. I am actually thinking about doing it again this year,” Herber says.

As part of the contest, there will also be a Bod Pod Challenge. Biggest Winner participants can choose to take part in the Bod Pod Challenge to receive pre- and post-Bod Pod Metabolic and Body Composition tests. Currently used to test participants on the Biggest Loser reality show, these tests will show body change in pounds of fat lost and pounds of lean mass (muscle) gained, providing a detailed and accurate body analysis.

Prices for the Biggest Winner Contest vary, so if you would like to get more information or to register, please contact Sam Yurko at 410-715-5509 or email here. You can also watch all about it on Columbia Matters

— Written by Erin McPhail


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