Stay Fit in 2012 with CA

Since the year just started, you’ve probably started to think about your 2012 resolutions. Near the top of the list is probably the resolution to lose those stubborn 20 pounds that you’ve been carrying since before Thanksgiving? Want to build muscle in your arms? Or maybe you’re just trying to maintain your overall physical health. Many of us have resolutions that we want to keep. Instead of dropping your new plans by next month, check out all of the options the Columbia Association (CA) offers to help you stick with and reach your fitness goals. CA’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for people living and working in Columbia, and one of the ways to do that is to provide facilities and programs that help people get in shape so they can feel and look awesome!

Fitness programs/classes
As you may already know, CA has three fitness facilities: Columbia Athletic Club, Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club. Each one has unique features that make them great. Supreme is open 24/7, which is great for the night owls and the early birds in Columbia. The Athletic Club features a hot water therapy pool for relaxing water exercises and classes. If you’ve got a family that enjoys working out, the Columbia Gym offers the perfect family setting with an aerobic gym, drop-in basketball, indoor swimming, a baby pool, KidSpace, family changing rooms and more.

For some of us, working out in a group is more fun and motivating than sweating it out alone. CA offers group fitness classes to give members a chance to socialize while participating in an exercise class taught by certified instructors. Classes range from basic aerobics to hip hop dancing to kick boxing. And if those are too fast-paced for you, CA also has mind/body classes, to relax you and get you in shape. In addition to yoga offerings, there are T’ai Chi and Qigong (a less complex form of T’ai Chi) classes. There are also some sporadic boot camp programs, Zumba parties and classes geared toward residents age 55 and over.

CA is also starting its Biggest Winner weight loss and fitness contest on Saturday, January 14. Contestants will enjoy a motivational and supportive way to lose weight and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about the Biggest Winner contest here…

I know what you’re probably thinking. How can you take advantage of the fitness opportunities while you’re still motivated to stick with your resolutions? You can sign up for a Package Plan or Package Plan Plus membership to enjoy access to a variety of sports activities and recreational facilities. CA also offers Individual Facility Memberships if you’re only interested in visiting one facility. If you live on CA-assessed property, you can also get a Resident Card to pay-as-you-go.

For those without memberships, CA also offers more than 90 miles of pathways for walking, biking or jogging around Columbia to encourage a healthy lifestyle free of charge!

Personal training
The new year is a great time to begin a fitness routine, and if it’s been a while since you last exercised, a personal trainer can help get you started! A CA certified personal trainer can help you design a workout program using your specific goals, needs and challenges. You can sign up for one session or multiple sessions to get the most for your money. Or, if you want the experience of a personal trainer mixed with group fitness, sign up for group training sessions with a friend or two. Visit to learn more!


– Written by Aria White


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