In 2012, I Will…

Oh, no! Not that word again! Resolutions. We all set them; even here at CA! If you need some inspiration, take a cue from some CA team members who’ve set some goals for 2012. Happy New Year!

“Drink less coffee and maybe cut out all caffeine. BUT continue to be as crazy and high energy when I teach Zumba®! So if you see me taking coffee from the coffee machines at the gyms, feel free to give me one of those “no, no, no” looks!”

-Megan Cooperman, group fitness instructor

“Find all the things that I don’t need, but packed up anyway (I just moved)!”

Shawni Paraska, director of Community Health Sustainability Division

“Do a “Jean Claude Van Damme” split between two strength training machines in all three CA gyms by my 45th birthday – February 14, 2012!”

-Darrell Gough, personal trainer/sport & fitness specialist

“Train for my second half marathon. I did my first in 2011 and it was so much fun!”

– Andrea Wilmoth, webmaster

What’s your resolution for 2012? Tell us on Facebook.


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