CA Board of Directors Removes Draft Legislation from Tonight’s Meeting Agenda

Board and staff will take additional time to work on this matter

The Columbia Association (CA) Board of Directors Chair Michael Cornell has removed the discussion and vote on draft Homeowners Association legislation from the agenda for tonight’s Board Meeting. Cornell has issued the following statement:

“We have decided to move the draft Homeowners Association legislation off the Board agenda so that the members of the Board and CA’s staff can continue to work on this matter. We continue to believe that there is significant merit to the proposal.

Given the shortness of time before the Howard County Delegation’s hearing, we have not been able to correct the misimpressions and misunderstandings about this proposal and to counter some clearly erroneous views which have been circulated.

We expect that this proposal will be taken up again in due course.

We want to thank Delegate Guzzone and Senator Robey for their support of CA on this issue and on all issues. Delegate Guzzone and Senator Robey deserve thanks from all of us for the wonderful job they do looking after the interests of all the citizens of Columbia.”

If you would like to contact the CA Board of Directors, click here.

For media inquiries, contact:

Shelia L. Green
General Manager of Communications & Community Relations



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2 responses to “CA Board of Directors Removes Draft Legislation from Tonight’s Meeting Agenda

  1. David Holdefer

    Would becoming a Non-Profit instead of a Homeowner’s Association mean that could deduct the CA annual fee from our Federal Tax return? Who would not support that idea?

  2. Hi David, thank you for your comment. I spoke with Sheri Fanaroff, general counsel for Columbia Association, and here is her response: “The issue of whether a payment qualifies as tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes is a question of federal law, not state law, and is unrelated to the issue of whether CA might become a non-profit community service corporation rather than a homeowners association under state law. Since CA would remain a 501(c)(4) corporation under the federal tax code, annual charge payments to CA still would not be deductible.”

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