CA Launches New Aquatics Commenting Tool Website

Interactive site allows users to review pool usage data and offer suggested pool improvements

Columbia Association (CA) members and residents can now offer real-time feedback on CA’s aquatics facilities and programs through CA’s new Aquatics Commenting Tool (ACT). This interactive web site provides one more way for residents to contribute to the aquatics master planning process by sharing ideas with CA and community members. ACT’s pool-specific commenting feature allows community members to express ideas about desired improvements for the future of Columbia’s aquatics. These master plan-focused insights and perspectives will be part of the message that CA staff, the CA Board of Directors and the Aquatics Master Plan Task Force hear when considering CA’s future plans. The tool also allows users to view CA’s 2010 pool visitation data and read others’ comments and suggestions. Comments will be accepted through September 15.

The Aquatics Master Plan is a 10-20 year plan for CA aquatics facilities. The ACT complements other CA efforts such as focus groups, workshops and the citizen’s task force to encourage participation and engagement in the master plan process. For more information, please visit


For media inquiries, contact:

Shelia L. Green
General Manager of Communications & Community Relations


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