CA’s Recycling Efforts Expand with New Pilot Program

 Ten recycling stations have been added throughout Columbia

In an effort to expand its current on-going recycling program, the Columbia Association’s (CA) Open Space Management Division has initiated a pilot program to put recycling stations at ten locations throughout Columbia. The blue 32-gallon containers, labeled “RECYCLING,” will have lids and signage that indicates what items are acceptable recyclable products. Please place trash (pet waste, food, food containers, etc.) in trash cans and not in the recycling containers. CA has an “All-In-One” single-stream program where all recyclable products (paper, plastics and metals) do not have to be separated. The amount of recyclable materials received will be closely monitored in order to set up a routine schedule for collection. Please join CA and the community in planning for our future and help reduce our environmental impact by recycling.

The locations of the recycling containers in our open space areas are:


Recycling Container Location

Dorsey’s Search

Tot Lot DS1

Harper’s Choice

Tot Lot HC16

Hickory Ridge

Tot Lot HR2

Kings Contrivance

Path behind Amherst House

Long Reach

Tot Lot LR6

Oakland Mills

Tot Lot OM15-A

Owen Brown

Lake Elkhorn Dock

River Hill

Path near Columbia Gym

Town Center

Town Center Plaza

Wilde Lake

Wilde Lake Boat House

For more information, please contact Sean Harbaugh at 410-381-3470.

For media inquiries, contact:

Shelia L. Green
General Manager of Communications & Community Relations


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