CA Seeking Members for Columbia Aquatics Master Plan Task Force

The Columbia Association (CA) is seeking community members to serve on an Aquatics Master Plan Task Force that will provide guidance to CA as it develops the Aquatics Master Plan.  Guidance is anticipated to consist of working with CA to review/discuss alternatives, recommendations and priorities as they are developed. The desire is to have the task force represent the diversity of the aquatics community and stakeholder groups.

The master plan is a 10-20 year plan for CA aquatics facilities. More information on the planning process is available at

Interested community members may review and complete an application online, located at Applications are due on or before Friday, June 10. Please note that current members of the Columbia Aquatics Advisory Committee will be asked to serve as task force members so they need not apply. For more information, please contact CA’s Director of Aquatics John Herdson at 410-381-1096 or

For media inquiries, contact:

Shelia L. Green
General Manager of Communications & Community Relations



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